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Picture made on pick up (click to enlarge).

At Wegman Aalsmeer, Netherlands

Pictures made during disassembly (click to enlarge).

One Muffler cleaned, one not!
Engine from the #1 cylinder side!
3/4 right front view
3/4 Right rear view
Engine right hand view
Engine 3/4 right hand view

Pictures made during restoration (click to enlarge).

Engine number CB750E-2430808 after cleaning
Both cases in primer
Upper case in primer
View one: engine cases almost closed
View two: engine cases almost closed

Pictures made with 'up and running machine' (click to enlarge).

The maiden run after 14 years: 4th of july 1998
The NOS tank from DSS: lots of €€€'s (dec 98)
Proudly present (dec 98)

How it should become..... (click to enlarge).

Ultimate CB750K2

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