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Owner René van Maanen

This page describes the lacing of my CB750K(0) rear wheel.

This is what it looked like when I started (left). Dirty hub, terrible spokes and a clean rim.

I got myself a NOS set of spokes (yes, I am a masorchist and put 341 spokes in my K(0)!)

Before disassembling you might want to measure the axial offset of the rim to the hub. I did not need it for this rear wheel, but you never know.

Also browse the web for articles that you might need as reference. Be prepared!

Mark the spot on the hub where the hole of the innertube is located, before disassembly.

Another thing on this: you have the chance after removing the spokes on buffing the hub to make it look like new. Watch out not to whipe out that mark. This mark makes the alignment for the rebuilding so much easier.

Install all inner spokes, and lay them to the hub as close as possible. Look at the picture you made before disassembling to see what side the spokes point to. (Hey, you read this to late, right?) First attach all spokes pointing at one 'direction' (left). Then take the others and attach these (picture on the right). Do NOT tighten the spokes at this stage yet. Turn the nipples just that far so you can still see two windings of the threat.
  After that insert all outer spokes. Attach them to their nipples in the order you like. Same for the tightening goes here. you will find out that some of the spokes are starting to fasten in the stage.
Only a few spokes are tightened, start truing the rim at this stage. When you have it quiet the way trued as you would like it, start tightening the other spokes. Take a small srewdriver and make them all sound about the same.

My trueing method is show on the right. Since I restore old Honda's I don't have money for expensive tools.

I was able to true my wheel radial on 1.1 mm, axial on 0.6 mm

If you don't like your own result, loosen all nipples again until you have the result you DO like

The result:



It is really worth while!!