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Start of a 50cc's page. NCMC (New Chinese Motor Cycle)

I am more into the SOHC/4's, but I'm enjoying these small bikes already! (july 14th, 2002)

This is the bike that we found NOS. Serial DHW1000115 (Jin Cheng sandcast...:-) )

And, how it will be used:

email: (not frequetly read)

And chapter two: I converted it to a CB750K0 replica:

Had the gastank, sidecover, forkears, headlight and airfilter spraypainted in Candy Gold.

Put Chrome fenders on the bike,

Replaced the tyres from off-road type to Continental DD type.

Next are "moulding" under the gastank, and a fuel-gauge-type fuel cap.

Will also put on an O-ring 420 type chain. The standard chain is terrible.