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Honda CB500F

Here some images of my CB500 project, a project that will take some time as you can see.

(The price for which I bought this head I cannot have a used one revised: €201 in 2002)

Carburettor side

NOS Cylinderhead, from St Maarten

Exhaust side

New valve seats and guides

Fresch cylinder surface "HONDA" embedded in casting

< Right Side cover, Candy Jade Green, desperately looking for it's left twin brother, and father gastank :-)

We have Kilometers in the Netherlands

I also have a NOS:
  • Loom, from Australia (Chris Dupen)
  • Grips
  • Engine cases
  • Tacho (Vehikel, fair in Holland)
  • Mirror set
  • Dynamo cover
  • Dynamo Cover plate
  • Throttle cables
  • Clutch cables


  • A very, very good K1 seat (thanks Johan Spaan)


Got NOS CB500F (model K1) parts to offer? Please mail me!